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In this section of our website you will find information on planning and development matters including where possible forthcoming planning applications that the Council will be reviewing.  You can aslo see details of the the Council's Neighbourhood Plan which is currently being developed - please see the side  menu.

It also includes information on Travel including road works and congestion, how to report a fault to Highways and has links to bus, tube and train timetables. The Parish Council also runs a bus service for senior citizens on Friday mornings and details of this can be found under the Travel section.

In the Safety section you will find information about the way our community is Policed, the powers of the Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) as well as local crime figures.

Parish Council Elections 2019

You could be a parish councillor – why don’t you think about standing?

Download the 2019 nomination pack.





All sixteen of the current parish councillors will retire in May and elections will be held for all the vacant seats on 2 May 2019.

The Parish Council would like as many people to stand for election as possible to give residents a choice about who will represent us for the next four years.

Ideally a range of people who reflect the full diversity of our community including different points of view, ages, gender, and backgrounds.

If you are passionate about Croxley Green and want to make it a better place for us all then please consider standing. 

Nomination forms can be obtained from the Electoral Commission, from Three Rivers District Council, or from the Parish Council offices, and have to be completed and submitted to TRDC before 4pm on 3rd April 2019.

You could be a parish councillor – why don’t you think about standing?

The Electoral Commission is the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK. It publishes on its website all the guidance and resources you need to be a candidate at a parish election in England (https://tinyurl.com/y9hxk3qc).

The information below is summarised from the Electoral; Commission website.

Who is eligible?

Most adults who live or work in Croxley Green, or nearby, are eligible.

In summary the rules state that you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any member state of the European Union (this is not affected by Brexit) and
  • meet at least one of the following four qualifications:
  1. either be registered as a local government elector for Croxley Green;
  2. or occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in Croxley Green;
  3. or work within Croxley Green;
  4. or have lived in Croxley Green or within three miles of it.

You must also not be disqualified from it by, for example, being:

  • employed by the parish council;
  • or subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order;
  • or sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more;
  • or disqualified under the Representation of the People Act 1983.

You could be a parish councillor – why don’t you think about standing?

How do you become a candidate?

You have two options, either to stand as an “Independent” candidate (not affiliated to any political party) or to stand as a party candidate (representing a recognised political party).

The summary below is for Independent candidates. If you are thinking of standing as a party candidate you will need to get further guidance from your political party.

To become a candidate at the 2019 parish election in Croxley Green, you need to submit a completed set of nomination papers to Three Rivers District Council before 4 pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

There are three nomination papers that you must submit for your nomination to be valid:

  • the nomination form
  • a home address form
  • your consent to nomination

(Under new rules you can choose to NOT have your home address published on the ballot papers)

You can get nomination papers from the local elections office (at Three Rivers District Council) or from the Croxley Green Parish Council offices (these are not yet available). 

The Parish Council can advise you on completing your nomination papers and informally check them for you.

The Returning Officer at TRDC may be able to offer an informal check of your completed nomination papers before you submit them but you will have to make an appointment to hand them in.

The essential information on the nomination papers includes:

  • Your full name
  • Signatures of 2 registered electors (known as a proposer and seconder) from the parish ward for which you are standing.

You may include other things you wish to appear on the ballot paper:

  • A commonly used name
  • A personal description (which could be “Independent” or up to six English words to describe yourself – for example ‘Baker in the High Street’)

The home address form must state:

  • your full name
  • your home address in full
  • your qualifying address (within Croxley Green)

You must also formally consent to your nomination in writing. You must meet at least one of the qualifications to stand for election. You are not allowed to sign the consent form before 3rd March 2019. Your signature must be witnessed, and the witness must sign the form.

You could be a parish councillor – why don’t you think about standing?

There are two wards in Croxley Green (see below) and, if you are eligible to be a candidate in Croxley Green, you may stand for either ward (not necessarily the one you live in) or even for both wards (but you will need to submit two separate sets of nomination papers).

If you put in two sets of nomination papers you MUST withdraw one of them before nominations close at 4 pm on Wednesday 3rd April, otherwise they will BOTH be withdrawn and you will not be a candidate at all (even if there is not an election).

The Parish Council can advise you on completing your nomination papers.

Will there be a vote?

Croxley Green is organised into two wards, Dickinsons and Durrants. Each ward can elect up to eight people as parish councillors.

If eight or less people are nominated in a ward, then they will all be elected unopposed.

If more than eight people are nominated, then there will be an election (voting) on 2nd May 2019 to choose which ones are elected.

Three Rivers District Council publishes maps of the two wards at https://www.threerivers.gov.uk/service/ward-boundaries


Candidates and agents at Parish Council elections in England


This page contains all the guidance and resources that you need if you are a candidate at a parish or community election in England.

Part 1           Can you stand for election?

This part covers:

  • Qualifications for standing for election
  • Disqualifications from standing for election

Part 1: Can you stand for election? (PDF)

Part 2a         Standing as an independent candidate

This part covers:

  • Completing and submitting your nomination papers
  • Being nominated in more than one ward
  • What happens after the close of nominations?
  • Appointing agents to observe electoral processes
  • What happens if a candidate dies?

Part 2a: Standing as an independent candidate - England (PDF)

Part 3           Candidate spending

This part covers:

  • How much you can spend
  • The activities covered by the rules
  • What information needs to be recorded and reported

Part 3: Candidate's spending form and notes (PDF)

Part 4           The campaign

This part covers:

  • Campaigning dos and don'ts
  • Using the electoral register and absent voters' lists
  • Using schools and rooms for public meetings
  • Imprints on campaign publicity material
  • Polling day dos and don'ts
  • Reporting allegations of electoral malpractice

Part 4: The campaign (PDF)

Part 5           Your right to attend key electoral events

This part covers:

  • Attending the opening of postal votes and what to expect
  • Attending polling stations and what to expect
  • Attending the count and what to expect

Part 5: Your right to attend key electoral events (PDF)

Part 6           After the declaration of results

This part covers:

  • Making the declaration of acceptance of office
  • Access to election paperwork
  • Submitting your spending returns and declarations
  • Questioning the result through an election petition

Part 6: After the declaration of results (PDF)

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