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Croxley Green has eighteen designated public footpaths and a number of others which have yet to be formalised. The footpaths vary markedly in nature from short 'cut through' urban footpaths between local roads to ambling rural footpaths.

Overall the designated footpaths within the Parish boundary stretch for nearly 8km with the shortest, 74m, being Public Footpath Number 8 (Loudwater Lane, heading north towards Sarratt). Admittedly, Footpath No. 8 joins public footpath number 46 at Sarratt Parish Council's boundary, so the walk is in fact a lot longer than 74m!

The longest public footpath in Croxley Green is footpath number 11, nearly 1500m, which runs from between 51 and 53 Frankland Road to All Saints Lane at the junction with the A412 opposite All Saints Church.

Footpath Number 17 (850m) which starts on Mill Hill adjacent to 1 Frankland Road runs south and leads, and crosses, Croxley Common Moor.

Urban 'cut through' footpaths are:

  • Footpath 14 (Kenilworth Drive to Baldwins Lane);
  • Footpath 15 (Baldwins Lane to Girton Way);
  • Footpath 16 (Malvern Way to Winton Crescent);
  • Footpath 18 (Links Way to Rousebarn Lane).

Details of three circular walks are shown below:

Footpaths in Croxley Green

Download footpaths map (2.3MB)

The Croxley Green Loops

Download loops map (1MB)

Around Croxley Common Moor

Download common moor map (1MB)


Croxley Green Boundary Walk

The Croxley Green Boundary Walk is signposted in a clockwise direction however, the walk can be completed in any direction and can be started at any point. The walk follows the boundary of Croxley Green and some of the sights to see include the Village Green, Dell Wood, the Grand Union Canal, Croxley Common Moor, Croxley Great Barn, Scotsbridge Mill and views of the Chess Valley. The walk should take 2.5 to 3 hours to complete.

Boundary Walk Map

Download boundary walk map (1.3MB)

You can download the files below to use with GPS enabled phones, Sat Navs etc:

Croxley Boundary Walk.gpx Download File
Croxley Boundary Walk.kml Download File
Croxley Boundary Walk Track.gpx Download File
Croxley Boundary Walk Track.kml Download File

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