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Croxley Green’s rich environmental heritage has its roots in its farming background. As long ago as the mid-1500s the Manors of Croxley Green and Snells Hall comprised much of the area we now know as our village and the fields and open spaces charted on contemporary maps reflected this history.

Croxley Green has a host of differing environments from the open spaces of The Green to the wooded areas of Croxleyhall Woods. Indeed all around Croxley are footpaths which meander through the woodlands to emerge into open grassland like Buddleia Walk, now encompassed into the second of Croxley Green's designated village greens. In 2017, the Parish Council acquired Weston Wood, the area of Buddleia Walk adjacent to Mill Lane, for the community’s use in perpetuity. This was an exciting project for the Council to undertake as it is the first significant piece of land purchased in its 31 years history. Croxley Common Moor, which can be accessed by pedestrians via Mill Lane, has over 100 acres of historic grassland and is a registered Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the rarity of its plant life; it is also a designated Local Nature Reserve in acknowledgement of the contribution local residents make to its management.

Apart from protected open spaces we are also fortunate to have two recreation grounds in the village for use by residents and visitors – at Baldwins Lane and Barton Way and we are also privileged to have the Aquadrome in nearby Rickmansworth. On sunny days these amenities are extremely popular with families and children, and at all times of year walkers and dog owners may be seen.

In the interests of the comfort, health and safety of all users of local paths and open spaces the Parish Council has purchased more than 42 dog waste bins spread widely around the village at strategic locations, and where the bins do not incorporate ‘poo’ bag dispensers hygienic bags may be collected from the Parish Office (free of charge although a voluntary donation is appreciated).

Since 2008 the Parish Council has worked in partnership with Flowers4Croxley, a local community group that aims to co-ordinate the provision and maintenance of floral displays throughout the village. As a result of their efforts, supported by donations from residents and local organisations, together their our own fund raising and Parish Council funds they have installed flower barrels located in numerous locations; designed and provided flower beds on the Watford Road; purchased climbing roses outside the Red Cross centre; planted bulbs with local school children across the village; purchased 3 welcome troughs at the village boundaries and planted rose beds on the Two Bridges roundabout.  In 2018 the Flowers4Croxley group decided to wind down their operations and all the local provision of floral dispalys are now directly managed by the Parish Council. The Council’s budget for 2019/20 includes £500 to continue to make Croxley Green look nice.

The Parish Council is considering other ways in which to beautify the built environment of Croxley Green including more planting of street trees and flowers.

The Council’s Leisure, Events & Environment Committee is always receptive to new ideas for how we may enhance the natural amenity of Croxley Green for the benefit of its residents and other users.

Annual Works Schedule January - December 2019

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