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Referendum 6th December 2018

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The Leisure, Events & Environment Committee is responsible for considering policy on aspects such as Playing Fields, The Green, Open Space and Trees, Leisure Activities, Landscaping Proposals, Footpath Maintenance, Litter, Conservation, Recycling and War Memorials. Other matters may also be referred from Council to the Committee to consider.

The Committee has an array of contrasting enviromental and amenity aspects to oversee within the area from the maintenance of The Green and Stones Orchard, on contract from Three Rivers Distict Council, limited maintenace of the 18 public footpaths (under an Agreement with Hertfordshire County Council, Rights of Way), maintenance of Croxleyhall Woods to the provision and emptying of litter and dog waste bins in certain areas - to name but some.

Where policy considerations interact with other authorities, the Parish Council will liaise with the appropriate authority to discuss how best the Parish Council's policy can be implemented.

The Committee is always looking to enhance the area for the benefit of residents and one of the intitaives has been setting up a Partnership between the Council and residents for planting flowers in and around the area. Flowers4Croxley, in partnership with the Parish Council, has already made an impact with new flowers beds in Watford Road and planting roses on the roundabout at Two Bridges by the Harvester.

Projects to encourage the younger generation have not been forgotten either with the Parish Council and Flowers4Croxley setting up flower beds at the local schools in order for them to grow their own fruit, vegatables and plants.

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