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The Parish Council holds a number of meetings each year. These include:

  • an Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  • an Annual Parish Meeting (APM);
  • Full Council Meetings;
  • Leisure, Events and Environment Committee Meetings (LEE) - formally called Environment and Amenity Committee (E&A);
  • Finance and Administration Committee Meetings (F&A);
  • Planning and Development Committee Meetings (P&D);
  • HR and Compliance Committee - this is an internal Committee to which the Press and the Public are excluded.

The Agendas, Minutes & Supporting Papers of each of these meetings can be found by going to the meetings menu on the left hand side of this page.

The Supporting Papers will show the Agenda item number it refers to and the date of the meeting where the matter will be considered. There will, however, be occasions where Supporting Papers will not be made available to the public due to the confidential nature of the content.

Agendas for meetings are issued 3 clear days prior to a meeting (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays). However, the Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is issued 7 clear days prior to the meeting.

Agendas are available on this web site on the day they are issued and are posted on the Parish Council's Notice Board in the Library, Barton Way, and on the Council's external notice board by the offices in Community Way car park. In the event a meeting has to be cancelled at short notice due, for example, to the meeting likely to be inquoarte a Cancellation Notice will be posted on our web site and also on the external notice board by the office entrance.

Members of the public who have internet access are asked to check the web site prior to attending a meeting in the event a Cancellation Notice has been issued.

When looking at the Minutes of Meetings, it should be noted that they are not adopted (agreed) until the successive meeting - hence the wording in the top right hand side of the page "Draft Minutes Subject to Adoption". To verify the Minutes were adopted, please go to the successive meeting of that Committee or Council and look at the "Minutes" item.

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