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Neighbourhood Plan

Your Opportunity to protect the future of Croxley Green

Referendum 6th December 2018

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Chairman: Cllr Chris Mitchell

Vice Chairman: Cllr Jeremy Hollands

Meeting Date: first and third Thursday of each month

Areas of Policy include:

Town Planning, Public Transport, Road Safety, Village Appraisal and Sign Posting.

The quorum for this Committee is three Members. However, a lesser quorum of two Members are able to deal with minor planning applications and directly related planning matters requiring an urgent decision. Should there be disagreement on a matter considered by a reduced quorum, the matter will be referred to full Council or a future meeting with a full quorum.

Decisions/Recommendations on Planning Applications by the Planning & Development.

Committee are reported in the Minutes of the meeting where the planning application was reviewed.

Planning Applications can be viewed on-line via the Three Rivers District Council's web site.

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