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Referendum 6th December 2018

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The Parish Council currently has three Committees:

  • Environment and Amenity Committee (E&A);
  • Finance and Administration (F&A) - the 'Executive' of the Council;
  • Planning and Development Committee.

Each Committee has a Chairman and Vice-Chairman who are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council.

Membership of the Environment and Amenity Committee (E&A) and the Planning and Development Committee (P&D) can consist of a maximum of seven Members excluding the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council. Currently, the E&A Committee has four Members and the P&D Committee has four Members. Two Members of the Parish Council are currently without portfolio. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are automatic Members of both Committees and are entitled to vote at each meeting.

Membership of the Finance and Administration Committee (the Executive) consists of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the E&A and P&D Committees.

It should be noted that whilst every Council Member is entitled to attend any Committee Meeting, they only have voting rights on the Committee of which they are a Member. The exception to this is that the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the full Council may attend any Committee meeting and have full voting powers at the meeting.

Further information about each Committee can be found by using the sub menu on this page.

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