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It is with great delight that Croxley Green Parish Council announces the purchase of a section of local woodland for all the residents of Croxley Green. The woodland, which is part of Long Valley Wood, is situated between Buddleia Walk and Croxley Hall Woods and can be accessed from Harvey Road and Lavrock Lane.

Woodland Map

The woodland immediately surrounds the boundary fence of the Woodland Chase development

Parish Council Chairman, Nigel Cole, said, “we are delighted to be able to acquire this piece of woodland, a continuation of Croxley's second village green, to ensure that future generations may continue to enjoy using it with the certainty that it is protected from any future development. The land is in relatively 'wild' condition, having not had any significant investment for a number of years, and the Parish Council purchased it directly from the liquidators of its former owners. In common with Weston Wood, the land off Mill Lane, we will maintain the area for recreational and amenity purposes on an as-needed basis - removing trees and vegetation only when necessary, planting new native species of trees where appropriate and working at all times to enhance diversity of both flora and fauna.” 


Woodland purchased by the Council is on the left of the path as accessed from Harvey Road. 

Protecting local sites of natural value continues to be a priority for the Council and the purchase follows the council’s acquisition of Weston Wood in 2017. The continuous pressure to provide more housing locally, and the resulting threats to our valued open spaces and Green Belt, underscores how important it is for the Parish Council to act should there be similar opportunities in the future to ensure the community can keep enjoying Croxley Green’s natural spaces.

Senior Ranger, Anthony Bassenger, commented, “this is a lovely site, home to a great diversity of plants and trees, and the council’s Ranger team can’t wait to get to work there. We will be working with the Countryside Management Service in drawing up a management plan for the woodland to help us manage it sustainably and responsibly”.


The woodland is home to a wide variety of flora & fauna.

The Parish Council purchased the site for the low price of £5000, entirely funded by Council reserves with no impact on residents’ council tax, representing a good deal for Croxley Green ratepayers.

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